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The Nice Work Summer Solstice Challenge

Spice up your motivation for keeping run or walk-fit this summer.

The Nice Work team challenges you to complete a minimum of 21 miles in 21 days in our NEW Summer Solstice Challenge!

We’ll help keep you active and fit for when we can all run and walk together again. The Summer Solstice Challenge runs through June with the final entry date being the day of the Summer Solstice – 21st June. 
Whenever you start, you need to complete the challenge in 21 days.
Enter the Challenge and we’ll send you a logbook to record your miles. Simply return it to us by email at the end of the Challenge and we’ll send you your exclusive Summer Solstice bespoke medal.
You can Run or walk – indoors or outside - but don't stop at 21 miles!! Spot prizes will be awarded for those who walk/run the furthest. 
25% of your entry fee will be donated to Charity – we’re just finalising details of the beneficiary and will have more information very shortly.
Involve the whole family!
This is a family-friendly event. For our younger runners and families who wish to run or walk together, there is the option of completing 21k in 21 days. Enter as a family (there is a discounted price for family groups) and, in addition to a bespoke medal each, we’ll send you a special memento with your family name engraved on it upon completion!
Let's welcome in the Summer together – good luck with your challenge!