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The Autumn Virtual Half Marathon, 10k, 5k & 1k


Join us in the vibrant Autumn for another classic virtual race!

Autumn is a season of change, the leaves become vibrant, and the nights become cold. During the Autumn, day and night around the globe are of almost equal length, roughly 12 hours each. The season is significant in many cultures throughout history and even today many festivals and events around the world occur and this year we’re joining in on the party!
So, say hello to the Autumn Virtual Half Marathon, 10k, 5k & 1k!
Perhaps the season of change is the perfect opportunity for personal change, whether you’re new to running or an experienced runner, this race could be your first ever race or perhaps you’re looking at moving up to a higher distance – here is the opportunity.
Blow away the summer cobwebs and take place in this virtual event. It’s easier than ever to take part. Once you’ve entered and selected your chosen distance, we’ll send you information on race details and how to submit your time.
Complete your run anywhere in the world by recording it on your favourite tracking app (i.e. Strava). This also includes treadmill, run, walks, wheelchairs and assisted running.
Your run must take place during the race dates.
Once you have submitted your time and evidence of the run, we’ll compile a race leaderboard so you can see how you faired against everyone else in the world that took part.
After the event, all finishers receive a bespoke medal, and we’ll award trophies to the top three men and women in each distance.  
Remember, you can submit your best 10k time that you completed between the race dates. Pick your favourite speedy location at the time that suits you best!

Good luck