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The Go-Faster Series - Supercar Mile

Announcing our new Go-Faster race series for younger runners

Our virtual 1k and 5k races have proved popular with youngsters and now we have, for the first time, a race series exclusively designed with younger runners in mind.
Our Go Faster Series is a four-race series of 1 mile races being held through the summer – with some cool, Go-Faster medals for finishers of each event. 'Earn yourself a medal your parents/guardians don't have'! 
Next to join the series is the Supercar Mile!
The Supercar 1 Mile Challenge is an opportunity to post your fastest one mile run and pick up our special Supercar medal. Next up, in October, is our Supersonic 1 Mile with an exclusive Supersonic plane medal.
How does the Go Faster Series work?
These events are virtual – which means you can run the 1 mile anywhere, at any time of day using an outdoor route of your choice or indoors on a treadmill. All you need to do is record your run with a GPS watch or activity tracking app, snap an epic finisher's selfie or piccie, then submit them to us by email here.
If you are unable to submit using an activity tracker, we’ll accept a photo from your running watch – and, if you’re unable to do that, we’ll ask parents/guardians to submit the time – of course, we’ll take you on trust.
All the times will be collated onto a leader board and prizes awarded to overall winners and age category winners. Plus, we’ll have spot prizes for creativity and best finishers' selfies! Age group prizes for boys and girls will be awarded in the following categories:
Under 8
8 to 10
11 to 14 
You have a whole month to submit your best times – so multiple submissions are allowed –we’ll just take your best time and add it to the leaderboard.
You can enter the races one at a time – or save money and enter three or four races at once.
These are intended to be family friendly events – so mums, dads and guardians are welcome to join in – we won’t add their times to the leaderboard but they will pick up one of our fab finishers’ medals.
The Go-Faster Series is a great way to measure improvement over the summer months and into the Autumn – and they’re just the job to keep youngsters motivated to stay fit and keep running.
" I was struggling with running during lock down and it was great to have something to focus on"
"Thank you Nice Work, nearly as good as the real thing!"
"It was great to have a goal for my Sunday runs and see my speed improve during lock down"

How to complete a Virtual Event:

Participating in a virtual event means you can complete the distance at any time within the event time frame in a location of your choice. Once you have booked your place, we will send you an email with a step by step guide, it couldn't be easier!

Here's what you need to do:

1. Complete your distance in your own time over the race weekend
2. Run safely and within the recommended guidelines
3. Record your activity with a phone or GPS watch
4. Submit your result to complete your virtual event
5. Your medal will be posted to you approximately 5 weeks after the event – though we’ll try to get them to you quicker.
Lets Go Faster together!!