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The Nice Work March Virtual 10k & 5k

Location: Virtual Event, Complete anywhere!
Date: Saturday 6th March 2021 to 7th March 2021

Whether you’re an experienced runner or a complete newbie, this race is as simple as it gets. We’re offering a 10k and a 5k race, with a medal to every finisher with a full leaderboard, all for a great price!
For the more experienced runners, this is a cracking opportunity to kick start your Spring training. The colder months of January and February are behind us, and now it’s time to set the bar for 2021.
This race for just £7.99 is perfect for new or inexperienced virtual runners who want to take the leap and see what we’re all about. If you’re looking at getting in to live races, this is a good chance to see where you’ll end up on the leaderboard, how you compare with other runners and those that are in your age category.
It’s more important than ever to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, we want to help push you to take that extra step and travel that extra mile. Whether you walk, jog or run it’s all about keeping the body and mind healthy. So, if you’re looking at making a change then consider entering a virtual race and achieving something incredible to make everyone around you proud. Who knows where you’ll end up this time next year.
This race offers:
-       Medals for all finishers
-       Choice of two distances
-       Leaderboard
-       Selfie board to remember the occasion
What is a virtual race?
This is a virtual race, which means you can take part anywhere in the world, in your own time and at your own pace. This also includes treadmill runs/walks.
How do I take part?
It's easy to take part, once you have booked we will send you a step-by-step guide.
Simply enter the virtual event and we’ll send you a welcome email with details of how you submit your results. Over race weekend, capture your run / walk on your favourite tracking device and email it to us along with your epic finishers selfie and we will feature you in the selfie gallery! 
If you don’t have an activity tracking device you can still take part, just email your finishing time to us and you will still get your medal.