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The P.A.I.N Charity Virtual 15k, 10k, 5k & 1k

We are delighted to announce our February virtual race, continuing to support small charities.
It isn’t just the events industry that has suffered during these unprecedented past 10 months but also the charity sector. In particular, the smaller more local charities have seen a huge fall in fundraising income and are struggling to stay afloat.
Since the pandemic began almost a year ago, we have raised a huge amount from our charity races and  made significant donations to a range of charities. We are incredibly grateful to our running community in supporting these events. Now that the New Year dawns, we would like to continue to support the fantastic work of these amazing charities so that they can continue their work raising awareness and supporting their service users. 
February Charity Partner – P.A.I.N – The Painkiller Addiction Information Network.
The Painkiller Addiction Information Network is a new charity with the aim of advancing awareness of addiction to opioid painkiller medications in the UK and globally. Their work supports those with a dependence on prescribed and over-the-counter painkillers, helping to take back control of their lives.
Like many small charities, P.A.I.N has struggled during the pandemic and is in desperate need of funding to be able to continue their work in raising awareness.
Therefore, we are pleased to announce the P.A.I.N Charity Virtual 15k, 10k, 5k & 1k!

·        Choice of 4 distances
·        Family friendly event with a 1k option and discounted entries for families.
·        Race dates – 1st February to 28th  February 2021 – so you have the whole month to complete your run.
·        Bespoke medal for all finishers.
·        Prizes for winners

What is a virtual race?
This is a virtual race, which means you can take part anywhere in the world, in your own time and at your own pace. This also includes treadmill runs/walks.
How do I take part?
It's easy to take part, once you have booked we will send you a step-by-step guide.
Simply enter the virtual event and we’ll send you a welcome email with details of how you submit your results. Over the month of February, capture your run / walk on your favourite tracking device and email it to us along with your epic finishers selfie and we will feature you in the selfie gallery! 
If you don’t have an activity tracking device you can still take part, just email your finishing time to us and you will still get your medal.