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The Tissington Trail Virtual Marathon

Due to popular demand we are launching The Tissington Trail Virtual Marathon!
This event was sadly postponed due to the pandemic, but there is still an opportunity to put the hard training hours into practice. Complete the event and receive a fantastic bespoke medal celebrating the achievement!
Race dates: 9th October – 31st December
For those of you who have run this popular race in the past you will know that it is run through the picturesque Derbyshire countryside. The route navigates through the glorious Peak District scenery, along the site of a former railway line from Ashbourne to Buxton. This is an opportunity to embrace marathon running in your own time, at your own pace and get your hands on this year's Tissington Marathon medal!

Are you ready to take on the challenge?
The beauty of a virtual race is that you can run it wherever you like, it can be across your favourite track in Derbyshire or as far away as Sydney, Australia - we don’t mind! This virtual event gives an opportunity to grab an autumn marathon medal!

You don’t need to complete the distance in one go – use as many sessions as you like to run or walk the marathon. You can complete the sessions indoors on a treadmill, for those that would prefer to.
How do I take part?
It's easy to take part, once you have booked we will send you a step-by-step guide.
Simply enter the virtual event and we’ll send you a welcome email with details of how you submit your results. Over race period, capture your run / walk on your favourite tracking device and email it to us along with your epic finishers selfie and we will feature you in the selfie gallery!