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The NI Centenary 100 Mile Challenge

"I appeal to all Irishmen to pause, to stretch out the hand of forbearance and conciliation, to forgive and to forget, and to join in making for the land which they love a new era of peace, contentment and goodwill." – King George V on 22 June 1921
Join us to celebrate 100 years of Northern Ireland!
In June 1921, following an election in March, Northern Irelands first parliament opens in Belfast’s City Hall. A new country was born. Fast forward 100 years and Northern Ireland has a rich history of successful people and organisations and we want to celebrate it in a totally unique way.
In this challenge, we’re holding a two-month window for you to clock 100 miles in a ‘celebration of the nation’. How you tackle the challenge is your decision. You may decide to split the miles into weekly targets of 12-15 miles or you may decide to gradually increase the distance every week. The choice is yours!
You don’t have to stop at 100 miles either, as with all of our challenges, clock your miles for as long as you can – we’ll award prizes to those that have ran the furthest.
After the challenge is completed, all finishers receive a cracking Northern Ireland centenary themed bespoke medal.
It’s not just about running, if you want to walk, cycle or run – it can all count towards the mile clock.
So, give it a go! Get your friends and family on board and tackle the Northern Ireland Centenary 100 Mile Challenge – good luck!
What is a virtual challenge?
This is a virtual challenge, which means you can take part anywhere in the world, in your own time and at your own pace. This also includes treadmill, run, walks, wheelchairs and assisted running!
How do I take part?
It's easy to take part, once you have booked, we will send you a step-by-step guide and a logbook to help clock your mileage.
Simply enter the virtual event and we’ll send you a welcome email with details of how you submit your results. Over race period, capture your run / walk on your favourite tracking device and email it to us along with your epic finishers selfie and we will feature you in the selfie gallery!     

A note about medal delivery:
‚ÄčOur medal designs are all unique and made bespoke for each event. Please be aware that medals will be dispatched approximately 4-5 weeks after the closing date of the race/challenge. We email all our participants when they have been posted to you.