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Woodchurch Virtual 10 & 5 MIle

This popular race has gone virtual!
On 24th October runners took to the beautiful country lanes of Woodchurch to compete in a 10 & 5 Mile, and now we’re going virtual!
This is a chance to get your hands on the bespoke Woodchurch medal that was so well received on race day.
The medal was designed by a Woodchurch CE Primary School student and the race (including the virtual race) will help raise funds for the school.
We’ll be holding two races simultaneously over the race period (October 25th – November 7th) you can enter either or both!
It’s easier than ever to take part. Once you have entered, simply run your chosen distance anywhere in the world and send in a screenshot from your favourite tracking app using the link we provide.
When the challenge finishes, we compile a race leaderboard so you can see how you have fared amongst the other runners, you can compare age groups too. You’ll receive your medal a week after the race closes.
So, get competitive, challenge your friends and family, but most importantly have fun with a virtual 10 Mile & 5 Mile!
Woodchurch live race winning times:
10 Mile
Mens: 00:58:38
Ladies: 01:13:44
5 Mile
Mens: 00:28:51
Ladies: 00:35:37

How do I take part?
It's easy to take part, once you have booked, we will send you a step-by-step guide and a logbook to keep track of your progress.
Simply enter the virtual event and we’ll send you a welcome email with details of how you submit your results. Over race period, capture your run / walk on your favourite tracking device and email it to us along with your epic finishers selfie and we will feature you in the selfie gallery! 
If you don’t have an activity tracking device you can still take part, just email your finishing time to us and you will still get your medal.