Nice Work Partners with NGX to Bring Personalised Nutrition to UK Runners

Nice Work is thrilled to announce its partnership with NGX, the creator of the world's first genetically personalised nutrition shakes. This exciting collaboration will provide exclusive personalised nutrition offers to runners throughout the UK, revolutionising the way they approach their health and fitness journeys.

Nice Work began its journey with the organisation of the Beckley 10k and has since grown into a reputable company known for delivering over 200 events per year, attracting more than 50,000 entries. Partnering with NGX aligns perfectly with Nice Work's commitment to supporting runners in their pursuit of excellence and well-being.

By joining forces with NGX, Nice Work aims to offer runners the opportunity to optimise their nutrition based on their individual genetic profiles. Understanding that genes play a crucial role in nutrient utilisation and overall health, NGX provides personalised nutrition guidance and shakes tailored to each individual's genetic needs. This tailored approach ensures that runners receive the precise nutrients they require to fuel their performance and recover effectively.

To access personalised nutrition advice and products, runners simply provide a small cheek swab using a cotton bud from the comfort of their homes. The sample is then sent to NGX's lab for analysis, and within days, individuals receive a comprehensive nutrition report along with their customised nutrition powder. Additionally, runners have the option to consult with a registered nutritionist for further support and guidance.

NGX's vegan-friendly products are free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, added sugar, lactose, gluten, and allergens, guaranteeing that runners can enjoy their nutrition with peace of mind.

Nice Work is excited to embark on this partnership with NGX, bringing cutting-edge personalised nutrition to the running community. Whether runners aim to achieve personal bests or improve their overall health, this collaboration promises to provide valuable insights and support throughout their journey.

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