Runners Story

We absolutely adore listening to your incredible running adventures.

That’s why, when we caught sight of Yiheng proudly sporting his flag at Gosport, we couldn’t resist the urge to approach him and kindly ask him to enlighten us with the captivating tale behind his cherished flag. Curious minds yearned to know and here is the account he shared with us:

“I always bring my customized flag to the race, proudly waving it before and after the event. This flag not only serves as a cool accessory but also represents my individuality and happiness after completing a challenging race.

The design of my flag is a unique combination of colours and symbols. It features the classic Tri-Colour pattern with green, white, and red stripes. At the top, there are two 5-point stars, accompanied by the St. David's Star in the middle of two pentagrams.  Additionally, a black double-headed eagle is displayed in the centre of a white background, with six words and a number at the bottom, which reads Pride of Eric.

Each colour on the flag holds a special meaning. The green symbolizes my kindness and willingness to support enduring traditions, much like the everlasting pine tree. White represents purity and integrity, while red signifies my unwavering enthusiasm for my passions, regardless of temporary setbacks, illness, or the passage of time.

The six words inscribed on the flag Serious, Lonely, Tough, Pleasant, Active, and Mild reflect my personal principles for self-improvement, and the number 2003.01.09 represents my birthdate, a significant day in my life.

The St. David's Star at the top of the flag corresponds to the six words at the bottom.

The two pentagrams on either side of the St. David's Star symbolize seriousness and resilience, emphasising that I do not take life lightly and have zero tolerance for insincere behaviour or harmful jokes. The five angles of the pentagrams serve as a reminder to avoid individuals who exhibit arrogance, deceitfulness, lack of willingness, dishonesty, and selfishness.

The double-headed eagle on the flag represents my commitment to cherishing the past, embracing the present, and exploring the future. It serves as a reminder to always remember where I come from and the experiences that have shaped me.

The presence of the Maltese Cross on the shield of the flag represents eight essential life skills: Learning, Profession, Expression, Action, Adaptation, Cooperation, Management and Innovation. These skills are vital to my personal growth and development.

I take great pride in sharing the story behind my flag. It is not affiliated with any specific nation, region, officials, or unofficial groups. It is a symbol and keepsake that represents my identity, and I feel a sense of pride whenever I display it, regardless of the location.

Please note that this flag solely represents me and should not be associated with any national or regional entities, officials, or unofficial organizations.”

Our heartfelt appreciation to you, Yiheng, for graciously sharing your remarkable story, we look forward to your presence at our future races!